Urgent request for fresh local produce from community

Appealing to all members of the community who have local produce such as fruit and veggies (washed thoroughly with soap and water prior to bagging) or non-perishables like canned food that they would like to share with vulnerable members of our local community.

If you have children at home, why not get them to draw a picture or send a message to be attached to the product you’re delivering? This will help us connect with your community in a meaningful way at this isolating time (please use strict personal hygiene regime in accordance with COVID19 rules prior to commencing the artwork).

Melville Cares intends to continue making deliveries to as many people as possible in need. This will be done by using volunteer drivers who will deliver these donated items to clients’ doorsteps without making physical contact. Let’s all get through this together and share the love.

Items can please be delivered to our designated drop off area outside the reception of Melville Cares (to avoid contamination) on the corner of Hammad & Adrian St in Palmyra between the hours of 8am to 9am.

If you’re experiencing symptoms or if you’ve been in contact with anyone you know who’s been COVID19 contaminated please refrain from donating.

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