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Bob & Elaine


Lynnette has been a client of Melville Cares since 2014.

She loves her garden but was unable to manage her gardening tasks.

With Melville Cares’ assistance Lynnette is now able to still prune her roses at waist height with help from her regular Melville Cares’ gardening team.

“The enablement initiative has given me the enthusiasm to venture out and participate in my garden once more,” said Lynnette.


James loves the enablement focus that Melville Cares has, supporting him to “participate in (his) own care needs.”

Melville Cares assists both James and his wife, making every day jobs such as vacuuming  more manageable.

“After contacting  the Department of Veterans’ Affairs about some help with home assistance they put me onto Melville Cares.

Having help to carry out domestic chores makes it much easier for both my wife and myself.

Because I have the same support worker all the time we have formed a good working relationship and we work together with some of the household tasks.

I would recommend Melville Cares because the help they provide greatly assists us and they do an excellent job,” said James.


George has been a client of Melville Cares since 2013.

He takes great pride in his home and garden.

It is a very special place that he and his wife used enjoy together.

As you can see from this photo he loves getting out into the garden with the Melville Cares’ gardeners.

He works alongside them enjoying participating in the gardening activities with the areas he can manage. 

George said that he “looks forward to doing the everyday gardening himself in between services and he enjoys the wonderful company he gets from the Melville Cares’ gardeners.”

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