Community appeal for URGENTLY REQUIRED personal protection equipment for Melville Cares

We are appealing to all members of our wonderful community who may have any disposable gloves, hand sanitisers or face masks that could be donated to Melville Cares to support the vulnerable members of our community who are at high risk.

Although we have tried placing orders through our suppliers we have been unsuccessful and have been advised that we need to go on a waitlist by the Health Department for these particular items.

Let’s pull to together as a community to get through these times as we know we are a wonderful combined team when we reach out to our neighbourhood and work together to combat and overcome the effects of COVID-19.

If these items can please be delivered to our designated drop off area outside the reception of Melville Cares (to avoid contamination) on the corner of Hammad & Adrian St in Palmyra between the hours of 8am to 9am.

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