Regaining Some Independence


Jean has been a client of Melville Cares for many years. Over this period we have assisted with some of the heavier household tasks she needs completed.

At Melville Cares our ethos is continuity of care, and we focus on building relationships with our clients.

It was because of this one of our staff noted Jean was struggling to open jars. She mentioned asking her neighbours for help or waiting for her son to come and visit so he could open them.

Since Jean retains a veterans’ health card she can access the services of an Occupational Therapist with a referral from her local GP.

Our support workers are constantly being educated on what services are available to our clients and so passed this information onto Jean. They then assisted her to make the necessary arrangements for an assessment.

Jean now has been provided with appropriate aids and is opening all her jars independently and when she needs them.

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