Bob Johnston: Twenty Seven Years On

Long term Palmyra resident Robert (Bob) Johnston began volunteer driving with Melville Cares on the 5th May 1990. Bob always drove his own car as a volunteer ‘Home Driver’. He worked for the Port Authority for thirty years and after taking early retirement he was keen to remain busy and connected to his community. Bob remembers Melville Cares offices being based in the rear office of the old Palmyra Firehouse and two people there; Janet and Janine (in a very small office with a desk and a manual Typewriter).

Bob really enjoyed the interaction with the clients and listening to their wonderful stories and views on life. He later joined the Melville Cares Board in 2007 and has completed over twenty years’ service in this role.

He was nominated in May 2015 and awarded the Department of Local Government and Communities Volunteer award for twenty five years of service. He received a commemorative badge and personalised certificate in recognition.

Bob would highly recommend volunteering with Melville Cares as he quotes ‘I have received more out of volunteering that any effort I put in. I would highly recommend if you have any spare time and you would like to volunteer, please give Melville Cares a call on 9319 0900 and try for yourself. ’

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