Crystal Bartsch Named Board Trainee for 2017-18

We have great pleasure in announcing that Crystal Bartsch has been successful in securing a position with the Melville Cares Board as a Board Trainee for 2017-18. Crystal has a very diverse professional background in both engineering and finance. We believe that this, alongside her very investigative mind, will bring some interesting skills to compliment the current Board as a trainee as well as a potential future Board member. Crystal is a graduate of the Emerging Leaders in Governance program, a program that solidified her interest in the not-for-profit sector, and in particular, the aged care industry. As a Senior Accountant at a leading professional services firm, Crystal actively engages in a number of volunteer roles. They include personal and professional development, driving change in workplace culture and wellbeing. As an audit professional, Crystal has many skill-sets suited to governance and Boards. She is particularly interested in establishing an understanding of the relationship between her work in audit, the Board and the Audit and Risk committee. Crystal did incredibly well to pass the first and second round interviews before being offered the trainee position. Crystal will be participating in all Board meetings and functions over the next twelve months and we are looking forward to her fresh ideas and contributions.

The twelve month Board Traineeship program provides young individuals with a range of experiences, activities and skills development through a scheduled calendar of meetings and events. In addition to this, Board Trainees are welcomed to participate in Melville Cares training and social events providing them with a broader understanding of the Aged Care community and the staff and volunteers of Melville Cares charged with service delivery. The Melville Cares Board has a commitment of inviting new and talented aspiring Directors into a structured twelve-month traineeship where Board Trainees will not only learn the inner works of a community organisation, but also receive guidance and mentoring from Directors and Executives who understand the nuances of a grass roots community organisation. As a Board, we are looking to provide Board Trainees with an exposure to the strategic management and decision-making processes of a contemporary NFP in the sector, insight and experience of NFP Board functions and roles and an opportunity to build on for future Board invitations. Congratulations to Crystal for securing the position. The Board looks forward to having you ‘on board!’


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