Yanee’s Volunteering Experience

Yanee commenced volunteering for Melville Cares for the second time in March 2013. She has been visiting residents in local nursing homes and visiting a client in her own home who later transitioned to a nursing home. Yanee was also here as a volunteer in 1992 for a couple of years as a driver and was delighted to be able to share her experience with us.

1. Why are you volunteering?

I love helping people, particularly the elderly.

2. What is the best thing about your volunteer role?

The opportunity to make someone in need happy. I gain confidence in myself knowing that I’m managing time for wonderful clients, offering companionship, friendship and things that you cannot buy, you can only earn from your heart.

3. Would you recommend volunteering with Melville Cares and why?

Yes, I would definitely recommend anyone to volunteer with Melville Cares. I did so when the opportunity presented itself.

4. Any great stories / memories to share re your volunteering experience with us?

One client had been admitted to hospital. When I found out three days later, I went to visit her straight away. My client was sitting near the window, close to her bedside looking sad. When she turned around and saw me, her face was lit up and her eyes were sparkling with tears. She said that there was no visitors in the past three days, so she was so happy to see me visiting. Oh, what a wonderful feeling it was!


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