Home Care for Veterans: Caring for our Veterans and War-Widowers

As an approved provider of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Veterans’ Home Care (VHC) programme, Melville Cares has been providing a range of quality home care services to our veterans for over 35 years.

Our approach has always been to build a trusted partnership with you to help you live a safe and comfortable life.

We offer a range of services to help you live independently at home.

Home Care for Veterans Services

Help Around the Home

We can provide support with household tasks such as bed making, clothes washing, ironing, vacuuming, mopping and shopping.

Personal Care

Some veterans have difficulties with daily self-care tasks due to illness, a disability, or frailty. We can offer assistance with showering/bathing, toileting, dressing, personal grooming and getting ready for the day.

Keeping Safe

We minimise environmental health and safety hazards in your home and gardens. This may involve minor maintenance or repair work that doesn’t require a licensed tradesperson.

Examples include:

  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Installing batteries in smoke and security alarms
  • Cleaning the gutter, fans, and external and internal windows
  • High indoor cleaning, such as the tops of cupboards and fridges
  • Some minor home maintenance, such as cupboard door adjustments
  • Pruning, lawn mowing or weeding where a safety hazard exists

Coordinated Care Program

Veterans who are Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card holders, have a chronic condition or complex care needs, or are at risk of unplanned hospitalisation, have access to the Veterans’ Home Care service’s short term (12 weeks) Coordinated Care Program.

To access this program, a referral from a GP is needed. Alternatively, contact the Department of Veterans’ Affairs local medical office for assistance.

In-home Respite Care

We offer services for veterans’ carers by providing in-home respite care enabling the carer to have a break. Carers who have responsibility for a veteran who requires ongoing care, attention or support may be eligible for this service. The carer does not need to be living with the veteran to receive this respite, however does need to be acknowledged as the veteran’s carer.

How Do I Access These Services?

Veterans Home Care Services

To access our Veterans’ home care services, you will need to be assessed and approved by the Veterans’ Home Care (VHC) programme as requiring home care assistance. The VHC is a Department of Veterans’ Affairs programme designed to maintain the health and independence of eligible veterans. You are eligible for a VHC assessment if you have a Veteran Gold Card or a Veteran White Card.

You can apply for VHC, by contacting your VHC Assessment Agency on 1300 550 450. A VHC assessor will help you determine your eligibility for VHC and the range of services you may need.

Find out more about the VHC programme.

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