Pathways to Abilities

Activities and programs to suit a variety of interests

At Melville Cares, we foster the rights of individuals to freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making.

Our services for young people with disabilities are always designed to complement their abilities, as well as assist and enhance their independence and wellbeing. We listen to our clients’ needs and aspirations and endeavour to work with them to achieve their chosen lifestyle and future plans.

To promote active inclusion and meaningful participation, we have a range of activities and groups to suit a variety of interests.

Services available include:

Cooking and Nutrition
This program focuses on promoting good nutrition and provides healthy food ideas as well as training in preparing simple meals. Safety principles in food preparation are included as with lots of healthy eating tips.

Living and Arts
A well-established and popular social group, this program provides art and craft related activities in a social environment. This may be or become an enjoyable hobby that is stimulating, helping with the improvement of physical or mental wellbeing.
Many of our participants have found it helpful, helping them increase their confidence and ability to participate in the local community.

Fitness and Wellness
We have a number of formal and informal fitness training in group settings to maintain good physical health.

Music and Movement
This fun group activity has been tailored around music and dance and will encourage freedom of expression as well as increasing the sense of belonging and participation. Music and Movement will also be good for physical and mental wellbeing.

We offer several Friendship Groups with a number of different activities. This also provides an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and interact with other community members.

Weekend Retreats
Going on a weekend retreat is a wonderful opportunity to escape everyday routine. We provide the support needed to enable our clients to actively engage in a holiday experience in a group environment. Weekend retreats also enable your family or carers to take a break.
Please note that accommodation and meals costs will vary subject to the different locations selected for the retreat.

We understand that the role of a carer can be busy and often stressful. Whether it is for a short or longer period of time, it is important for carers to get a break. That’s why Melville Cares supports families and carers by providing respite with our programs and activities.

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