Home is Where the Heart is

Access to assistance for everyday tasks

At Melville Cares we help identify and work towards our clients’ personal long and short-term care goals. Our wellness and enablement approach supports the retention of existing skills, as well as help regaining skills for everyday tasks.

Our home services are individually tailored, taking into account our client’s own personal choices and allowing them to maintain independence.

Services available include:

Cleaning and Laundry
We can provide support and assistance with vacuuming, mopping and cleaning of bathrooms and toilets. This service may also include dusting and assistance with laundry tasks. We will encourage our clients to participate in this service as much as possible.

We can accompany our clients to local shopping centre so that they can carry out essential shopping tasks including banking and paying bills. Alternatively we can provide a support worker to do the shopping for our clients.

Personal Care
We can offer assistance with showering/bathing, dressing and personal grooming, and help prepare for the day. The level of assistance that may be required with daily self-care will be discussed with our clients to retain a reasonable level of independence in their own personal care.
We can also provide assistance with foot and nail care.

Medication Prompts
This service involves prompting our clients to take your medications at specific times of the day. Please note that it does not include administering medication.

Meal Preparation
Our support workers can prepare healthy meals for our clients who are unable to do this task independently. Personal choices will be considered and we will encourage our clients to have maximum input into dietary requirements and what they would like.

Nursing Services 
We are able to provide Nursing services to assist clients after hospitalisation or with continuing support through a Home Care Package. The level of support to be provided will be planned through discussion with our clients and include consultation or directives from their GP or other Healthcare professional.

Social Support
We can provide one on one support to allow to our clients to participate in outings for specialised shopping and to access the wider community. This is particularly important if there is a feeling of socially isolation.

Keeping Safe
To help keep our clients safe, we can help minimise environmental health and safety hazards in their home and garden. This may involve minor maintenance or repair work that doesn’t require a licensed tradesperson. Examples include:

  • replacing light bulbs
  • installing batteries in smoke and security alarms
  • cleaning the gutter, fans, and external and internal windows
  • high indoor cleaning, such as the tops of cupboards and fridges
  • some minor home maintenance, such as cupboard door adjustment
  • pruning, lawn mowing or weeding where a safety hazard exists.

In-home Respite
We provide relief for carers, by providing in-home respite care. If there is a carer who assists with the ongoing support and care of a person at home, they may be eligible for this service. We will provide an alternative form of care enabling the carer to have a break.

Home Care Packages Level 1-4
We are an approved provider of Commonwealth Home Care Packages (HCP) level 1-4.  The packages are designed to meet your ongoing and increasing care needs to assist in remaining within your own home.  Individuals who have been assessed for a Home Care Package can continue to receive services from Melville Cares without disruption.

All services are delivered in accordance with the Commonwealth Consumer Directed Care (CDC) guidelines.  the MyAgedCare website provides more information on Home Care Packages and the process for accessing packages or phone and talk with your current services Coordinator.

For more information on our in-home services please contact our friendly team.