Friendship & Companionship

Our Friendship Groups have something for everyone

Melville Cares can assist our clients to maintain meaningful relationships and engage in social networks that are suited them.

We run several community friendship groups to provide opportunities to learn, get involved and meet people, and to avoid becoming socially isolated. By being flexible and responsive to changing needs we go out of our way to help our clients find groups and activities that best suits them.

Services available include:

Our Friendship Centre
The Melville Cares Friendship Centre is located in Willagee. Operating on a daily basis it provides an opportunity for people to regularly get together. Our Friendship Centre offers a range of activities including movies, concerts, picnics, arts, crafts and music.

Craft Friendship Groups
Our ever-popular craft friendship groups meet up on a regular basis in various locations. We can provide opportunities to be involved in a variety of craft activities in a friendly and safe social environment. These groups are great for stimulating creativity while making new friends.

Social Group Outings
We know how important it is that meaningful relationships are maintained, and to make social contacts, and continue to be engaged in the wider community in which we all live. Melville Cares organises social group outings for groups of up to ten people. These can vary from luncheon outings, to the movies or other forms of entertainment. We can offer one on one support on these outings if needed.

Melville Cares also organises outings in the evenings on a regular basis. These social groups can provide opportunities to go to venues such as restaurants, hotels, movies, shows and Christmas Lights outings (seasonal).

Friendship Groups for People with Dementia
Melville Cares has an interactive and interesting program designed to meet the needs of people with Dementia run by experienced support staff. Our aim is to provide opportunities to socialise, communicate and engage in a safe and stimulating environment. The program can include craft, suitable outings and various forms of entertainment. Fun is always on the agenda and a nutritional home cooked meal is prepared on-site for all participants. These groups also provide some respite for families and carers.

View our calendar for a series of Friendship Group activities.