Melville Cares Weekend Getaways

Melville Cares provides the fabulous opportunity to attend weekend getaways with fully trained staff to support people who would like a weekend break from their routine at home.
The weekend getaway trips run from Friday morning till Sunday afternoon. The ‘getaways’ are a great option for those that would like to go away but require some support. This is also a wonderful opportunity to offer respite for carers.
Last weekend’s ‘getaway group’ stayed at the beautiful Banksia Springs accommodation and are pictured enjoying a visit to the local museum in Dwellingup.
Attendees were Audrey, Barbara, Mary, Pauline, Janice, Pat, Delys and Mandy. They enjoyed the glorious weather and all had a relaxing time forming new friendships.
For further information about our Getaways please call Donna at Melville Cares on 9319 0900
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