Melville Friends Group Activities

1 April 2022

We at Melville Cares are identifying a large range of meaningful activities, outings and events for our clients, that may further meet your need for social connection, education and enjoyment.

Do you want to rekindle a hobby or interest that you have enjoyed for many years?  How about making new friends and attending a luncheon outing, concert, visit a museum or have a catch up by the river or you may want to participate in mah-jong, tai chi, bowls, mini golf, light yoga, computer lessons, singing and music appreciation, and more…. 

Attached is a calendar of just some events that you may be interested in with their dates and location. We will be developing one each month which will be distributed via your monthly invoices, statements and here on our Website and via Social Media platforms.

Your Support Workers will be able to tell you more about the Melville Friends groups and you in turn can inform them which you would be interested in, or of another activity you would prefer.


  • Call your designated Coordinator to check your eligibility.
  • Book in your outing with Tony or Lis during office hours: 8.30am – 4.30pm. Lis, 9319 0904

Alternatively email to express your interest.

  • You will be picked up for your outing with Melville Cares transport. Staff will be with you for the duration of the outing and will take you home afterwards.

Will I have assistance if I have mobility issues?

Yes, events and venues will be examined for potential risks and a support worker will be available to help and assist you with any mobility issues you may have.

Do I have to be in a group?

While we do encourage group activities, if you have an interest in attending individually we can assist.

Can I go with my friends?

If your friends are eligible clients then certainly.  The more the merrier!

How much will it cost?

Transport is covered by your particular funding and your designated Coordinator will be able to inform you of the cost.  This is included in your monthly invoice/statement that you receive. Extra costs such as lunch & entry fees are to be paid for by the client.  We endeavour to keep our costs down to enable clients to attend.


Click Below to Download Monthly Calendars:




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