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Welcoming our new board members – Gabi, Crystal and Mark – pictured here with our Coordinator of Volunteers Avril, undergoing Occupational Health and Safety  training as part of their induction…(Read More)

Home Nurse Services

HOME Nurse Services is a new and innovative provider of in-home specialist nursing and medical care. Their highly experienced nurse practitioners specialise in primary health and aged care. The service is ideal for people who wish to ensure that they or their loved ones receive the best of care in their current environment, be…(Read More)

Cindy and her two sons Ivan and Isaac have recently commenced weekly visits via the Community Visitors’ Program. They have been paired with Ivy and her husband Ferdinand who now live in a local nursing home. They all play music together, accompanied by Ivy on her keyboard. Long chats are also enjoyed with Ferdinand about…(Read More)

Support Workers from Melville Cares are invited to attend an informal dinner party each year. This is a great opportunity for our hardworking staff to mingle after hours and get to know new members of the Melville Cares Support Worker team. This year a large group of over 30 staff enjoyed catching up at the…(Read More)

  Jean has been a client of Melville Cares for many years. Over this period we have assisted with some of the heavier household tasks she needs completed. At Melville Cares our ethos is continuity of care, and we focus on building relationships with our clients. It was because of this one of our staff…(Read More)

Melville Cares is proud to announce our new installation of Community Library boxes located at June Barton House and our Friendship centre in Archibald Street Willagee. These were the outcome of a community collaboration project between Melville Cares,  AtWork Australia and People Who Care. This project is based on the ‘The Little Library’ movement which…(Read More)

Did you know that Melville Cares provides “Foot and Nail Care” services? This service ensures our clients have their feet maintained regularly. Our staff are trained in the service and regularly check client’s foot health and skin/nail integrity. Here is one of our clients Jeanette having this service with Support Worker Karen. Jeanette…(Read More)

Melville Cares provides the fabulous opportunity to attend weekend getaways with fully trained staff to support people who would like a weekend break from their routine at home. The weekend getaway trips run from Friday morning till Sunday afternoon. The ‘getaways’ are a great option for those that would like to go away but require…(Read More)

  As you all know We as Carers play a very special role In the Veteran’s life… And do we ever go on strike? No….   But all the jobs we do, which we shouldn’t And who wouldn’t say yes, to those begging old eyes But those old eyes are also very…(Read More)

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